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The top 3 reasons in choosing the best plumbing and heating services



When it comes to plumbing in Alaska, you need a professional plumber who understands cold temperatures and the heating system which can stand up to them for your personal benefit. The dependable crew at Prospector Plumbing and Heating have experience and expertise which ensure all your needs are covered in solving plumbing problems and air conditioning. We love helping homeowners fix and maintain their plumbing systems and air conditioning. Our licensed plumbers go the extra mile to ensure that every job variety is done right and at a fair price. We lead in advanced plumbing service using new technologies to restore your plumbing repairs in a timely manner. Below are the three main factors to consider when choosing the best services in Fairbank, AK in the midst of a plumbing emergency.

Licensed company

A plumbing service technician should be licensed from a recognized licensing organization so that you can be confident of having an expert plumber who can handle your plumbing repairs and ensure job satisfaction to clients. It should be your own business to check the license requirements of Alaska state to verify the authenticity of a plumbing company/technician. The license should have a verifiable distinctive number, business name, contacts, and business address so as to have sufficient information about your plumber. At Prospector Company, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured by an insurance company. Every plumber in our crew is certified to operate any job to customers’ needs and restore plumbing systems. We also safeguard you against fraud, property damage, and shoddy work from unqualified plumbers so as to maintain your plumbing system and air conditioning for as many years as possible.

Company’s reputation and referrals

Customer satisfaction is key to getting positive reviews and referrals which ensures that clients are always looking to your company for their plumbing service. Our professional plumbers’ sole goal at Prospector is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction every time we operate your plumbing systems and air conditioning. Our service objective is to do a great job and reach all clients no matter the timeline, not leaving their properties vulnerable. In addition, we provide immediate feedback across all touchpoints.

Look for service warranties

Professional plumbers will provide warranties and guarantees on their jobs. Such companies always make sure to put in the necessary effort to do the job well the first time. It is wise to ask about warranties and guarantees so as to ensure that a plumber will be committed to doing the work efficiently. It also shows you that the plumbing business has a reputation for providing quality services and they work hard in maintaining it to gain the trust of their customers.

Call a professional plumber who knows Alaska


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We have been working under and residing in interior Alaska’s cold and severe weather conditions since our inception, analyzing problems and finding solutions to minor and major repairs. No crew knows Alaskan households better than ours. Therefore, we guarantee you a long-term solution to your plumbing problems. Our plumbing team works tirelessly to create solutions and maintain any customer’s project to avoid future unnecessary mishaps. Our staff ensures that you get an immediate appointment after making an emergency call. Then, we schedule a crew to fix your problem as soon as possible. We will repair or install plumbing fixtures where necessary and ensure that we do not leave your property vulnerable.

Plumbing Service That We Offer For Your Heating System and Plumbing Systems

Annual boiler tunes

Boilers are an essential piece of equipment for any home in cold climate areas like Alaska. Therefore, they require annual tune-ups to avoid chances of a breakdown. A professional boiler technician will come to inspect your boiler and perform some maintenance which involves inspection, cleaning, and repairs if needed. Annual boiler tunes are the best way to make sure you are properly maintaining your home heating system. These regular preventative maintenance services help to make sure your heating system is tuned up and working efficiently. We recommend getting your boiler tuned once per year, either right after or right before the winter season. We don’t recommend having your boiler tuned in the middle of the winter when it needs to be working hard to heat your home. However, should it not be functioning as well as it should during this period, feel free to reach out to us. Yearly boiler tunes allow your home to be perfectly warm and comfortable for the entire winter with no interruptions for additional inspection or repairs. During an annual boiler tune, our technicians check every aspect of the boiler to make sure it is working, clean every component and make any immediate repairs. During the tune-up we:

  • Check the pressure and burner combustion
  • Inspect the pressure at oil connections
  • Test for airflow
  • Check the hydronic system
  • Confirm that electrical connections, motors, and other components are safe.

The importance of annual tunes and boiler maintenance include:

  • Keeping your family safe from potential gas leaks
  • Lower cost of heating due to increased efficiency
  • Reduced risk for the need of costly emergency repair services, and
  • Affordably extends the lifespan of your boiler.

Home heating repairs

The technicians at Prospector Plumbing and Heating are trained professionals who are enthusiastic about providing you with the best service and making sure we meet your home plumbing heating repair needs. To prevent and prolong the need for home heating repairs to your HVAC system, we recommend getting it regularly serviced so that it can be adequately cleaned and evaluated for potential plumbing issues. With regular maintenance and obtaining professional repair services when needed, you will have fully functional heating and cooling in your home year-round and for years to come. You should call Prospector Plumbing and Heating to inspect and repair your furnace or boiler if you notice any of the following conditions:

  • Heat isn’t coming out of vents or radiators
  • The pilot light is out
  • The furnace or boiler is making a loud or strange noise
  • The furnace or boiler is leaking fluids

Be on the lookout for these signs and schedule service as soon as you think something might be wrong with your air conditioner. You might be able to save money and prevent a more significant issue from popping up. If you don’t have a furnace or boiler to heat your home but are interested in getting one, we provide installation services for a new system. We can take you through picking out the perfect model and install it for you. Our knowledge of the weather and the immense experience our plumbers possess makes us the perfect option for this kind of service.

Drain cleaning

Drains make residential and commercial buildings hygienic and safe to use through waste and garbage disposal. They also make cleaning convenient as you can wash utensils, bathe and even flush the toilet without worrying about your water clogging up. The dirty liquids drain into sewage lines as a method of garbage disposal. You have a severe problem on your hands when you have clogged drains and require the help of a plumber. Drains will continually clog over time, but effective maintenance helps keep them clear as effective cleaning restores drain functionality. You must inspect and clean your drains when:

  • There’s a stench coming from your drains
  • Your sink and showers are fully blocked
  • Your drains make gurgling sounds
  • Sinks flood when you flush the toilet
  • Your toilet floods when flushing
  • Your toilet water level is inconsistent

Plumbing issues such as Clogged drains on the main sewer line could expose you to untreated sewage and thus a plumber is needed to fix the problem as a matter of priority. Local laws forbid commercial buildings to operate under such conditions. Poor hygiene causes nasty infections, which could even lead to death. Prospector Plumbing services are your best bet for drain cleaning and clog removal. Contact a plumber from our company for your drainage repairs.

Water softener installation

in all of Alaska, Fairbanks has the hardest water. At a level of 142 PPM, its water has a destructive amount of calcium and magnesium. If you are a new homeowner, you can avoid massive losses by installing a water softener. Hard water contains a high level of minerals that cause rusting in your pipes and plumbing appliances. You can tell your water is hard when

  • The water tastes salty
  • You observe white mineral spots form on your utensils after boiling
  • Soap doesn’t lather in the water
  • Clothes harden after washing
  • Washing dries your skin and hair
  • If the water test kit confirms it

Water softeners remove hard minerals and make your water user-friendly. Water softener installation may also reduce household costs in the following ways:

  • The amount of soap you use will reduce
  • Your pipes and faucets last longer
  • You’ll need fewer beauty products
  • Your water heater lasts longer
  • Your utensils won’t keep staining

Prospector Plumbing offers installation that fits your household needs.

Boiler and furnace installation

Heating your home is key to living comfortably in areas like Alaska where there are unpredictable temperatures. At Prospector Plumbing, we are committed to completing each installation job with care and precision so you can face the cold without worry. Our plumbers have the skills, knowledge, and experience you can depend on to ensure your heating installation is a success. We offer different advanced boilers to choose from and can provide you with an estimate before installing the system. Some common signs that you need to replace your water heater  are:

  • Strange noises (clanking or banging)
  • Plumbing Leaks (in the bathroom or basement)
  • Strange odors

Plumbing repair

A plumber should be focused on making sure clients enjoy professional and hassle-free plumbing repair services. Our plumbers are able to work on a tight space so as to fix frozen water lines and clogged drains ensuring your plumbing system is in good shape. Some of the most common issues our plumbers handle are Leaky faucets, Leaky water lines, Running toilets, Low water pressure, and Water heater problems, among others.

Water heaters repair and replacement

Sometimes a breakdown in your heating or plumbing system may appear without warning. Some of the most common reasons why you should call Prospect Plumbing and Heating for a repair job are Discolored water, No hot water, Little water pressure due to a clogged water filter,  and strange water heater noise. The water heater may also be leaking.

If you notice any of these signs, it is best to call a professional hot water heater repair and replacement team instead of attempting a DIY repair. We repair both tank and tankless water heaters in Fairbanks and we can quickly find the source of the problem. Our college students undergo extensive technical training and can handle any plumbing heating service for a gas and tankless water heater.


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What is the Most Important Responsibility of a Plumber?

A plumber’s core responsibility is water flow and drainage maintenance, airflow, and other gases containment through assembling, plumbing installation, pipe repair, fixtures, and fittings of plumbing devices. A plumber should always show up early to work and give solutions that are not expensive so as to avoid extra pressure and guarantee quality service at the same time. Each plumber in our Fairbanks crew knows what works for your home or office and what doesn’t when it comes to your plumbing system. Good communication from a plumber is key to ensuring that there is an understanding between them and the client. Our plumbers deliver helpful advice and long-lasting solutions to prevent plumbing emergencies and expensive damages from occurring.

Why Do You Need a Professional Plumber?

A professional plumber is mandatory mainly for safety reasons, to protect yourself from chances of accidents and injuries since you don’t have the necessary skills and tools to perform plumbing systems work efficiently which professional plumbers are trained for.

Why Should You Choose Our Plumbing Services?

Plumbing issues are an inevitable part of owning a residential or commercial property. While some problems come with wear and tear of the system or aging, others are due to maintenance and improper use. At Prospector, we’ve seen and restored plumbing issues, and minor and major problems, helping homeowners save money from endless repairs by an unlicensed plumber in the future. Satisfied customers have given us a five-star Google rating for a great job and great service offered that saves homeowners the hassle that comes with a water leak, clogged up sewer lines, and other plumbing issues. The Prospector crew is standing by waiting for you. Our plumbers don’t just fix the problem but give you a long-lasting solution so you know your home is buttoned up and Prospector-reliable. Our plumbers would love to hear from you so that we can solve your plumbing and heating problems. Call us today at (907) 312-2598 for your plumbing heating services in Fairbanks, Alaska.