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Every boiler needs a tune up eventually. Usually it’s smart to have these done either at the end of a winter or just before the beginning of another one. Our experts make sure your boiler is burning heating oil as efficiently as possible.

What do you get with us?

A boiler, just like every other home appliance, requires regular maintenance to preserve its efficiency and performance. If left unmaintained, its efficiency and performance levels decrease and may suddenly stop functioning. To prevent this from happening, an annual tune-up by a professional is necessary.

An annual tune up involves the inspection, cleaning, repair, and servicing of every part of your boiler or heating system. The technician must check through every component and compartment in the boiler to determine its state and proceed to restore or maintaining them. 

There is value in annually maintaining your boiler, and this is seen in the benefits of an annual tune up, which are;

  • Improves and sustains overall system efficiency and great performance. 
  • Lowers heating costs due to a well-functioning heating system.
  • Increases safety as it reduces risks of the boiler’s sudden breakdown, which may lead to a fire hazard.
  • These services reduce chances for emergency residential repair as regular preventive maintenance works better.
  • It extends the lifespan of your boiler in an affordable way.
  • It leads to compliance with the National Boiler Codes on the care of boilers.
  • One can conduct the job within a day in many local areas.

What You Need to Know When Working with a Professional on Boiler Tune-Ups

An annual boiler tune up requires the service of a professional. The professional is a technician that is trained and skilled in performing tune ups regularly. The technician must be reliable, competent, and proactive to prevent your boiler or heating system’s system failure. 

They must know the tasks expected of them and ensure they are carried out satisfactorily.

When working with one, ask and verify that the technician is licensed in this field. Check if he is registered with the association of licensed technicians in your area. You may need to check for reviews or ask around for the best and reliable technician. After the tune up process is done, ensure you collect inspection and service tune up records for proof of compliance with the National Boiler Codes.

JRod's Plumbing & Heating - Fairbanks and North Pole


Whether it’s a replacement or new construction, if you need a boiler installed our crew can help. We’ll make sure you choose the right boiler for your home and get you set up for installation.

JRod's Plumbing & Heating - Fairbanks and North Pole


Heating in Alaska is a huge safety concern. That’s why our techs are able to inspect, diagnose, offer a solution when something goes wrong.

JRod's Plumbing & Heating - Fairbanks and North Pole


Hot water is essential when you live in Fairbanks or North Pole. That’s why we are the experts for water heater repair and replacements.

JRod's Plumbing & Heating - Fairbanks and North Pole


Heating in Alaska is a huge safety concern. That’s why our techs are able to inspect, diagnose, offer a solution when something goes wrong.

JRod's Plumbing & Heating - Fairbanks and North Pole

Water Softener Installation

We will work with you to make sure you get the softener you need and advise you on how it works. Once we’re done, kiss hard water goodbye.

What you Must Know about Working with A Professional for Water Softener Installation

A good segment of people deal with hard water issues. To eliminate these issues, specifically, the mineral deposits in your water, there is undoubtedly an urgent need to use a water softener. A water softener is a device that absorbs the minerals in the water, keeping it almost free of minerals and pleasant for your residential use. 

It is one thing to purchase a water softener, and it is another to install it. Unless you can call yourself a plumber or an expert at installing water softeners, you will need the services of available and local licensed emergency plumbers near your home. You do not want to have to deal with extra repairs or issues due doing the residential plumbing by yourself.

The professional in charge of installing a water softener is a reliable plumber who can get the job done. The emergency plumbing professional will have a vast knowledge of water softeners and their overall installation. 

However, when working with an emergency plumbing service, there are several things you must know:

  • The plumber is only responsible for installation, other plumbing problems will require an additional service.
  • An installation fee is usually a part of the process; that is why you must budget appropriately for plumbing services.
  • Ensure you research on your plumbing problems effectively to properly describe the problems to reliable and competent plumbing services around you.
  • The closer the plumber is, the more accessible and a chance at paying a feasible fee.
  • Start with a simple plumbing services consultation to help you decide on the suitable person for the plumbing issues and your overall job. Conduct as much research as possible to avoid incompetent and unprofessional home plumbing services that may not provide the right plumbing service.
  • Ensure you discuss all your home plumbing requirements for the job before finalizing the deal.
  • Ensure that you can get access to the best customer service possible. You will always want someone who will be there for you in plumbing emergency situations.
JRod's Plumbing & Heating - Fairbanks and North Pole

Plumbing Repair

Pipes leak, pipes break, and pipes need repairs. That’s what our crew is for. If you have a problem with your plumbing or heating system, a Prospector Plumbing call will serve you in the Fairbanks or North Pole area.

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Prospector Plumbing and Heating is a full-service plumbing maintenance and repair shop in interior Alaska.

No one knows Alaskan houses and plumbing needs better than our crew. We don’t just fix the problem, we give you a long-lasting solution so you know your home is buttoned up and Prospector reliable.

We’re the happiest plumbers in the interior because our customers love our work!

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