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Can Hard Water Really Cause An Explosion?

It’s rare, but hard water can cause water heaters to explode. Residents in Fairbanks are at more significant risk due to the 142 PPM water hardness. So, how do water heater explosions occur?

Water heaters burst due to an intense build-up of pressure. When calcium insulates the heating coil, pressure builds. If you don’t flush the sediments, the pressure could escape in an explosion.

It helps to clear away the calcium sediments whenever your heater starts making popping sounds. You can always call on your favorite plumber in Fairbanks to flush water heaters.

However, the lasting solution includes installing a water softener. This prevents sediments from accumulating in your boiler.

What Are The Signs of a Hard Water Supply?

Hard water contains high levels of minerals that cause rusting in your pipes and plumbing appliances. Hard water could even block pipes as calcium sediments build up on the inner surfaces.

You can tell your water supply is hard when:
The calcium in hard water forms lines the heating coil in your boiler and keeps the water from heating. The calcium layer also traps air. Popping sounds occur as the trapped air tries to escape when the heater is working.

Prospector Plumbing is proudly offering Water Softener Installation Services in the Fairbanks, Alaska area.

Prospector Plumbing Offers Top-Quality Water Softener Installation Services Around Fairbanks, Alaska.
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There’s a reason why Prospector Plumbing doesn’t recommend DIY soft water installations. Most DIY installations fill the brine tank with excess water.

Never fill your brine tank with water. You need to contact us whenever the brine tank water level goes above the indicated brine line.

Your water softener loses effectiveness when there’s more water than the marked level. Always check the brine tank as you continue using your installation.

Top 6 Benefits Of Water Softener Installation

Water softeners remove hard minerals and make your water user-friendly. Make sure your entire supply goes through the water softener. You don’t want the hard water flowing into your pipes and appliances.

Water softener installation may also reduce household costs in the following ways:
  • The Amount of Soap You Use Will Reduce

    Soaps and detergents don’t easily lather in hard water. Most of your soap gets wasted by forming soap scum. Softening the water will reduce waste. Your clothes will also feel softer and last longer.

  • Your Pipes and Faucets Last longer

    Removing minerals in hard water reduces rusting in your faucets and metallic pipes.

  • You’ll Need Fewer Beauty Products

    Softening your water supply means your skin and hair will become more moisturized. You won’t need to spend extra on beauty products. Additionally, your self-esteem will improve.

  • Your Water Heater Will Last Longer

    Calcium build-up inside your boiler adversely affects its lifespan. Soft water installation reduces the rate of mineral sediments building in your water heater. Besides having a longer lifespan, your heater will work with increased energy efficiency.

  • Your Utensils Won’t Keep Staining

    Homeowners with hard water are likely accustomed to the chore of replacing stained utensils. Because hard water stains utensils, softening water reduces the need to replace your utensils.

  • Dish Washers and Coffee Makers Will Last longer

    Dishwashers and coffee makers don’t last long when you use them with hard water. Rusting and sediment build-up ruin the heating function of these kitchen appliances. Don’t forget that your showerheads fit in this category.

Best Plumber Fairbanks: How Much Do Water Softener Installations Cost?

Every household presents different complexities during installation. Water softeners serve entire households, so we always install them at the main water inlet.
Your house could need a small, medium, or large brine tank for the water softener. It depends on:
Thus, water softener installation costs differ among households. Homeowners can always call for a free estimate. You can also contact us online via our website. Water softeners immediately start working after installation is complete. Our plumbers always bring a test kit to make sure your house has access to soft water. We can even taste it to make sure you should be buying drinking water for your household.

Why Do Fairbanks Homes Urgently Need Water Softener Installation?

In All Of Alaska, Fairbanks Has The Hardest Water. At A Level Of 142 Ppm, Its Water Has A Destructive Amount Of Calcium And Magnesium. Homeowners In This City See The Importance Of Quality Water Softener Installation.

Is Hard Water a Health Risk?

Hard water may not be a health risk, but it could lead to the discoloration of teeth. While you can use hard water and prevent teeth discoloration with proper dental care, hard water has other effects that could harm your welfare and finances.

Why Use a Water Softener?

If you’re not careful, hard water can cause your water heater to explode, so it’s best to err on the side of caution. If you are a new homeowner, you can avoid massive losses by installing a water softener. Prospector plumbing offers installations that fit your household needs.

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