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Effective Drain Cleaning in Fairbanks, AK for Lasting Convenience

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Effective Drain Cleaning for Lasting Convenience

Drains make residential and commercial buildings hygienic and safe to use. They also make cleaning convenient as you can wash utensils, bathe, and even flush the toilet. The dirty liquids then drain into sewage lines.

You have a severe problem on your hands when your sink or tub doesn’t drain at all. You’ll need emergency drain cleaning if your drain lines are clogged and can’t pass waste liquids. Prospector Plumbing is your best bet for drain cleaning and clog removal.

When Do You Need to Restore Drain Functionality?

It would help if you restored drain functionality immediately when you notice problems with drainage or flow. Drains will continually clog over time, but effective maintenance helps keep them clear. Effective cleaning restores drain functionality. You won’t have to keep boiling water to unclog greasy sinks.
You must inspect and clean your drains when:

All these are common signs that your drain lines are clogged.

Why Do Drain Clogs Require Urgent Drain Cleaning?

Upholding Your Health and Hygiene

Clogged drains could expose you to untreated sewage. Local laws forbid commercial buildings to operate under such conditions. Poor hygiene causes nasty infections, which could even lead to death.

Preventing More Damage

Drain clogs can spin out of control real quick. A partial block can prevent subsequent solids from passing, and accumulation follows.
It’s easier to treat one partial clog earlier than a later, full-blown block in all your drain lines. The urgency increases when dealing with frozen drains, which could rupture anytime if you keep using them while frozen.

How Does Prospector Plumbing Inspect Drain Lines for Clogs?

Different clogs call for unique unblocking methods. We try to unclog your drains cost-effectively. For that to happen, we start with a thorough, non-invasive inspection of your drains. We don’t speculate because it wastes time and money.

Our experts don’t prefer excavating to unearth the problem in your drain lines. Excavation takes time and upheaves structures on your property, thus raising your costs due to the need for unnecessary repairs.

Instead, we take an inside look at the condition of your pipes and sewer lines. Prospector Plumbing invests in superior drain-inspection technologies. We insert waterproof cameras in troublesome drain lines to get an inside look at exactly what’s going on.

This technique allows our plumbers to identify:

What Kinds of Drains Do We Clean?

We service the following kinds of drains:

What Are Some Cost-Effective Methods of Unclogging Blocked Drains?


We use this method when clearing debris and hair blocking kitchen sinks and bathtubs. We insert a coiled metal wire down the drain and rotate it to dislodge the clog. The clog collapses and the debris flows away.

Snaking is excellent for dispelling solid clogs, but it doesn’t completely clean your drains. For long-lasting maintenance of your drains, we combine this method with hydro-jetting.

Rooter Service

We use this method when tree roots grow into your sewer line and perforate your drain lines, in which case a repair is necessary.

Rooting involves snaking blades into the affected drains and cutting off the invasive tree roots. If the roots are stubborn, we opt for root-killing chemicals. However, chemicals are always a last resort in light of our eco-friendly policies.

This process is sensitive, but we only work with well-trained plumbers. Inexperienced technicians could rapture your plumbing lines.


We use hydro-jetting to unclog greasy kitchen sinks. This method applies to most industrial kitchens with very greasy sinks. Snaking can’t clear insolvent substances, but high-pressure jets of water can clear away such build-ups.

This method scrubs your drain pipes, clearing away:

In exceptional cases, we also use hydro-jetting to wrap up snaking and rooting jobs. This drain cleaning method applies to all sorts of plumbing lines. However, we don’t apply the same pressure we use for main sewer lines when clearing kitchen sinks. Every drain line can only take so much pressure.

Our team comes with portable machines for jetting drains within the house. We also bring bigger machines for use in external drainage systems.

Vacuum Excavation

Sometimes, we have to excavate. Clogs and roots could get too stubborn to deal with through snaking. We can tell from the inspection process.

We only excavate at the source of blocking to vacuum out the debris. The clog gets sucked into our truck, improving drain functionality.

Why Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Our Last Option?

Most chemical drain cleaners are toxic and corrosive. Moreover, they don’t provide lasting solutions for stubborn clogs. They only burn holes into your plumbing lines and make the problem worse.

Best Plumber in Fairbanks: Unfreezing Drains

Drain clogs accumulate over time, but a cold snap in winter can freeze your pipes and cause a clog overnight.
You can tell your drains are frozen if:

If you suspect your drain is frozen, try using a pot of boiling water. If it doesn’t work, pour baking soda down the pipes, followed by a cup of vinegar. The mixture will bubble and fizz, melting away the ice.

When all else fails, it’s time to give Prospector Plumbing a try.

You can always trust us for long-lasting and cost-effective solutions to your drain clogs.

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