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Expert Annual Boiler Tunes in Fairbanks, Alaska

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Annual Boiler Tunes in Fairbanks, Alaska

Boilers are an essential piece of equipment for any home in a cold climate, especially in Alaska. To keep your boiler in top shape and fully functional, you should be getting regular annual tune-ups. This routine maintenance helps clean and check all boiler components to verify your system is working properly and is safe to use in your home.

We do everything that we can for our customers to make sure that they get the most out of their boiler or furnace and aren’t paying too much for repairs. Part of that is encouraging preventative maintenance. With annual boiler tunes, you will need fewer emergency repair services, and your boiler will last a lot longer than if you never have it serviced.

Prospector Plumbing and Heating is the best choice for boiler tune-ups in Fairbanks, AK.

What Is a Boiler Tune?

Simply put, a boiler tune is a “tune-up” where a professional boiler technician will come to inspect your boiler and perform some maintenance on it. A boiler tune usually involves an inspection, cleaning, and repairs, if needed.

During a boiler tune, the plumber will check that everything with your boiler is functioning and ensure that your home is ready for the next winter season. These boiler tunes are the best way to clean, maintain, and understand the quality and status of your boiler.

Annual boiler tunes are the best way to make sure you are properly maintaining your home heating system. These regular preventative maintenance services help to make sure your heating system is tuned up and working efficiently.


What We Do During an Annual Boiler Tune

We recommend getting your boiler tuned once per year, either right after or right before the winter season. We don’t recommend having your boiler tuned in the middle of the winter when it needs to work hard to heat your home. Yearly boiler tunes allow your home to be perfectly warm and comfortable for the entire winter with no interruptions for additional inspections or repairs.
During an annual boiler tune, our technicians check every aspect of the boiler to make sure it is working, clean every component, and make any immediate repairs. During the tune-up, we:
During the tune-up, our plumbers carefully clean each component, and if any parts seem to be close to needing a repair, the technician repairs them on site. Once our annual boiler tune is complete, you can be confident that you will be comfortable at home for the following winter.

Importance of Annual Boiler Tunes

As we have said, annual boiler tunes are an essential part of preventative maintenance for your home heating system. Regular maintenance and cleaning through annual tunes help to prolong the life of your boiler and increase efficiency.

Without annual tunes and boiler maintenance, you run the risk of your boiler breaking during the winter months. This issue is not only uncomfortable and a pain to deal with, but it can be dangerous if the cold winter temperatures of Fairbanks, AK, reach the inside of your home.

Since boilers and furnaces are heated with gas, the technician must check all connections to ensure there isn’t a gas leak. Gas leakage is the most significant safety concern when dealing with boilers and furnaces. Additionally, gas connections that aren’t entirely secured may lead to inefficient heating.

Apart from keeping you and your family safe, annual boiler tunes from Prospector Plumbing and Heating have many other positive effects. Annual boiler tunes help to:

Annual boiler tunes are a fast, painless way to make your life easier. The cost of an annual boiler tune is much less than what you would spend if you needed an emergency repair in the middle of winter. Plus, you can schedule it on your own time. Our annual boiler tunes help you get through the winter without even thinking or worrying about your boiler.
annual boiler tune

Professional Boiler Technicians

The professional boiler technicians at Prospector Plumbing and Heating dedicate themselves to making sure your boiler or furnace is clean, safe, and working correctly for the next winter season. Our Fairbanks plumbing and heating experts are equipped to service or repair any type of heating system, and they can perform a quality tune on any kind or size of boiler or furnace.

A boiler or furnace is a complex piece of equipment that is essential for heating your home and easy to damage if an untrained person tries to perform maintenance on it. Boiler tune-ups are vital for keeping your system running and your house at a safe temperature throughout the winter. Professional boiler technicians should be the only people who complete boiler tune-ups.

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With our years of experience servicing the Fairbanks, AK region, you can trust us to perform your annual boiler tunes. Our thorough checks, cleaning, and repairs done during a boiler tune help keep your boiler in top shape and increase the lifespan of the equipment.
Apart from boiler tunes, we offer boiler and furnace installation, where we help you select the most suitable model for your home and install it for you.
We also provide many plumbing services. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your plumbing and heating needs, whether you need a new water heater, home heating repair, or a heating system tune.
If you haven’t made an appointment already, then it is time to schedule your annual boiler tune.
Call Prospector Plumbing and Heating today to make an appointment.


Dallas ThomasDallas Thomas
03:19 15 Nov 23
Jobs done right and in depth. Ryland, Morgan, and Bobby were all skilled technicians who have been able to teach us more about our house and do a great job.
Nick WNick W
21:45 12 Nov 23
Betty KaberBetty Kaber
21:49 10 Nov 23
Ryland Ellis did a great job with our plumbing issues. Thank you for the great service
Grant AdamsGrant Adams
02:14 10 Nov 23
Fantastic job!
Mark RuedyMark Ruedy
23:24 09 Nov 23
Service provided was boiler tuneup and maintenance. Professional quality service all around. Jared, our technician, was courteous and very detailed with his work. He also took his time to discuss and explain things and offered options. Company is responsive, with courteous communication. One thing to note is, you’re gonna pay for what you get. Service, parts and labor are very pricey!
Ashley JohnsonAshley Johnson
18:39 09 Nov 23
Save your wallet and don’t use this company. I’ve used this company in the past, and they were great and fair, but my last repair was an absolute horrible experience.I had a problem with the furnace at my rental property not producing heat, so I called this company. They showed up promptly and their tech assessed the problem, and told me I needed to have certain parts replaced. Now I wasn’t at my rental property at the time to confirm the issue, I simply relied on their technician’s advice.Hours later, the tech had his parts and did the repair… only to realize what he thought was the problem, was not in fact the problem, MY NEST THERMOSTAT WAS DEAD THE WHOLE TIME! The tech then realized that was something he should’ve checked from the beginning and apologized for his inaccurate diagnostic, and left. I then had to charge my Nest thermostat and my furnace started producing heat!!!Now this company is attempting to charge me $952, FOR MY THERMOSTAT BEING DEAD! The tech that came to my home is clearly incompetent, as if he knew how to do his job correctly, the thermostat (of which was located directly above his head at the furnace) would have been checked before anything else.Now the manager is being completely unreasonable with adjusting my invoice to reflect what work SHOULD HAVE been done (a call out fee and parts) and also will not give me a breakdown of the charges for the work performed, just a total, and is continuously harassing myself and my husband for full payment.This should company understand that what they are doing is not right, and they need to make it right. Do yourself a favor and call a company that actually cares about their customers and has technicians that actually do their job correctly from the beginning.
06:13 09 Nov 23
Jared was so polite and very knowledgeable about his work. I definitely recommend.
Cayla LarsonCayla Larson
18:24 08 Nov 23
I would recommend Prospector Plumbing and Heating. I cannot begin to describe how amazing this company is! My boiler completely shut off and blew soot EVERYWHERE in my house. The technician Ryland Ellis was prompt, polite, extremely helpful, and very patient with my many questions. He even cleaned up the boiler room and helped me remove the door to the room to ensure proper air flow at all times. Then after applying my member discount he worked with me to come up with an affordable invoice solution! I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs them! Thank you so much Prospector Plumbing and Heating and Ryland!!! 12/10!
Karla RodriguezKarla Rodriguez
18:05 07 Nov 23
Lamkje EllsworthLamkje Ellsworth
16:44 05 Nov 23
Kevin provided high quality service.He is very knowledgeable and explained the necessary repair with meThank you. I will certainly use your company for future service
Benjamin JohnsonBenjamin Johnson
00:07 04 Nov 23
Good service. Price was reasonable. Fixed my issue within a day. I recommend them
LaCross GrayLaCross Gray
23:58 03 Nov 23
Ryland was very informational and knowledgeable about the specific fix and possible future system upgrades.
Nick WilsonNick Wilson
18:43 03 Nov 23
Kevin was amazing! Very professional and informative! He was willing to answer any of the random silly questions I had! And it got the work done super quick! If I could give more stars I would 1000/10
Darci ScherzerDarci Scherzer
01:02 03 Nov 23
Efficient, willing to take the time to teach, and answers questions. Great service
Corey BolducCorey Bolduc
22:02 02 Nov 23
Denise OrrisDenise Orris
17:08 02 Nov 23
Donna D Logan-WilsonDonna D Logan-Wilson
16:50 02 Nov 23
Showed up ..cleaned and refurbished my furnace!! Very affordable!!Totally awesome job!! Thank you !!Have been a customer for 3 or 4 yearsWill continue to be loyal!!
00:23 02 Nov 23
Best plumbers in Fairbanks. These guys really know what they’re doing! Amazing new boiler installs.
Gene LuncefordGene Lunceford
01:06 01 Nov 23
Super friendly and knowledgeable. Explained everything very well.
Austin PAustin P
00:32 29 Oct 23
Tony came out to service our boiler and we had him fix our dreaded drippy kitchen sink, and fix a previous repair in our shower. The last tech switched the hot and cold nozzle which was annoying when we had guests, or gave the kids a bath for that matter. They would be waiting around for hot water that wasn’t coming because it had to be on the cold setting. He explained the membership thoroughly and answered all our questions where as in the past the techs would rush through the membership talk which made it not appealing. He also gave us 3 options on fixing our sink, where as the previous tech had told us we would have to replace the entire faucet, which would be our last resort. Tony was the best, we will be requesting him by name from this point forward. He deserves a raise too! Thanks again Tony, so so happy my sink is fixed and it’s not a constant fight when I try to turn off the water!!
00:58 28 Oct 23
What a hero! I had to be at my son’s party in 30mins and Nick came by and just got the job done in a amazing time. I appreciate his efficiency and hard work.
Adam VondenbenkenAdam Vondenbenken
22:16 27 Oct 23
Fantastic service. Our tech Nick was the best. Our wiring was a nightmare and nothing worked. Real diagnostic technicians at prospectors.
Laverne HaakansonLaverne Haakanson
20:44 27 Oct 23
Greg BrinkmanGreg Brinkman
01:12 26 Oct 23
Pleasure to deal with and helpful I 100% recommend
Patrick NavePatrick Nave
17:40 25 Oct 23
We have been using them over the last couple of years and they do great work. With 15 units the get the job done in a timely manner. Always up-front with an estimate before they do the work. Would recommend them to anyone.
Jessica TaylorJessica Taylor
19:22 24 Oct 23
I would give Nick ten starts if I could. Just far exceeded our expectations in every way. We look forward to working with him on future projects and will highly recommend to all we know!
George ByerlyGeorge Byerly
16:28 23 Oct 23
Kevin was professional and very thorough. Very personal and able to answer all my questions.
Phillip TyraelPhillip Tyrael
23:57 21 Oct 23
One of the few services in Fairbanks worth every penny. Great service and great people.
21:57 20 Oct 23
Honest company that looks out for their customers.
Nicholas WebbNicholas Webb
19:15 20 Oct 23
From the scheduling team to the technicians who come out, we have never had a bad experience with prospector plumbing and heating. We have seen Andrew, Jared and Ryland and have never received anything short of superb service. They always go above and beyond to make sure their customers are well taken care of. Thank you!
Roger NeunsingerRoger Neunsinger
20:03 19 Oct 23
Job was done very professionally and timely. Morgan was polite and professional.
Nate BauerNate Bauer
20:06 18 Oct 23
Andrew’s a total pro – thought through and discussed with me many different options for solving some very tough and worsening issues with a failing water heater. Highly recommend his work, and also the Prospector team/org!
Zachary Cureton-HazardZachary Cureton-Hazard
23:27 17 Oct 23
Great experience with Prospector. They are our first call with an heating or plumbing issues.
Allyssa CanoyAllyssa Canoy
19:31 17 Oct 23
Prospector is one of my favorite and few companies to use in Fairbanks. They are so kind and professional. All the techs are great and the girls in the office are outstanding! We really appreciate them and their hard work.
Kathy LuckstedKathy Lucksted
02:25 15 Oct 23
Ryland did an awesome job accessing the situation and explaining his approach and observation. He was very professional and knowledgeable.
Henry WadleHenry Wadle
22:25 13 Oct 23
Kelsey HelzerKelsey Helzer
16:39 13 Oct 23
Very communicative and helpful during the process. Every time someone comes out they walk me through the process and make me feel very comfortable with everything they are working on!
Kathy MayoKathy Mayo
23:58 12 Oct 23
Juan EstradaJuan Estrada
00:43 12 Oct 23
22:05 11 Oct 23
Geoff OrthGeoff Orth
05:03 11 Oct 23
Jeremy S.Jeremy S.
02:02 10 Oct 23
Don KielyDon Kiely
16:10 07 Oct 23
Did everything they promised, in the time frame and cost that they promised. They’re not the cheapest in town, but so far are proving to do the best work and are great to deal with. And are incredibly patient with all my dumb questions!
The KozmoThe Kozmo
09:57 06 Oct 23
Bobby was very nice, quick and clean. I will go through this company if I have any other plumbing needs!!!
Longin KrolLongin Krol
22:29 04 Oct 23
Marcia BryantMarcia Bryant
19:34 04 Oct 23
Ann Marie WorhatchAnn Marie Worhatch
16:29 04 Oct 23
Bobby is very efficient and explains the problem like I am an intelligent person, which is great as a woman.
Kathleen FillionKathleen Fillion
03:41 02 Oct 23
Jarod did an outstanding job at restoring my hot water.
Ria MessinaRia Messina
22:35 30 Sep 23
We had a great experience with for our time using Prospectors and look forward to use them again
Shane JorgensenShane Jorgensen
04:44 30 Sep 23
Help out a lot and he was good at what he does and good at showing and talking you through it all
Ryland was very thorough and knowledgeable dealing with our problem.
Barbara ShortBarbara Short
01:38 29 Sep 23
Nice professional young man. Very excited to explain things. You are lucky to have him
Bradley HarderBradley Harder
23:16 28 Sep 23
Ryland was outstanding in the support he provided. He explained the issue and worked on the job until completion. He was profession in every way.
Jennifer LuchanskyJennifer Luchansky
17:01 28 Sep 23
Customer service top notch through and through Tonya, Nick, and Natalie! Can’t say enough kudos for them. Just amazing service all around!! Thank you to the folks at Prosecutors!!! 🤗
I had the pleasure of working with Nick as my technician. You can tell this team is working hard as winter approaches. Despite having been hunkered down in crawl spaces all day, Nick had a great attitude about addressing our boiler in yet another crawl space. He was friendly, and communicated extremely well what was happening with the heating system. He provided his recommendation but also offered other options at different price points. I felt very informed when making my decision!
Amadel AAmadel A
00:02 28 Sep 23
Bobby showed up on time, assessed the issue and was able to work resolution all within an hour. I appreciate Prospector Plumbing and Heating employees. Always appreciate the timeliness of response and effort to help solve issues. Thank you!
Taylor GrohTaylor Groh
16:15 26 Sep 23
Always professional and on time. Know what they are doing.
Lilly ZigLilly Zig
00:26 26 Sep 23
They were awesome. A lil behind for the scheduling but work happens. They took great care of us. Jarrod was awesome, very friendly.
John RobinsonJohn Robinson
20:08 25 Sep 23
My Wife and I are extremely pleased with the service performed by Mr. Tony Juneau representing Prospector Plumbing. His knowledge and willingness to take a moment to discuss the procedure with us was a breath of fresh air. Thank you
Michael PalmisanoMichael Palmisano
01:25 23 Sep 23
Very knowledgeable and personable. Informed me on how things worked and recommended preemptive maintenance with the reasons behind it that made sense to me. 10/10 would recommend.
James PittJames Pitt
22:26 22 Sep 23
Christine GallowayChristine Galloway
21:54 22 Sep 23
I always request my heating technician Andrew, since he is honest, very knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Someone I trust in my home. He has always been thorough in the job and explanation.
18:35 21 Sep 23
Very good at what they do.
Luis ValentinZenoLuis ValentinZeno
23:18 20 Sep 23
Jim PerryJim Perry
21:51 18 Sep 23
Janet FortuneJanet Fortune
18:17 16 Sep 23
Ryland did a great job on our annual check and tune-up. We’re very happy with Prospector.
Marcus PerssonMarcus Persson
23:46 15 Sep 23
Anthony CafegoAnthony Cafego
22:54 15 Sep 23
Nic is always a Professional . Explained what he was doing as he was performing the repair. Up front with no surprises. Fast and efficient. Have used multiple times and Will use Prospector Plumbing and Heating in the future.
Tim CaterTim Cater
19:36 15 Sep 23
Nic was great. He identified each problem, explained to me what needed to be done, and then did it. I highly recommend Nic.
Dan BothwellDan Bothwell
19:33 14 Sep 23
Very helpful and knowledgeable. Will use for any future needs
tyler roothtyler rooth
00:23 14 Sep 23
Couldn’t have asked for anything better
Susan HawkSusan Hawk
23:05 13 Sep 23
Nick was great. Explained what was going on and advice on some issues was amazingly helpful. Will use again.
Dave PfauDave Pfau
20:13 13 Sep 23
Ryland was professional and informative. He explained all costs up front and talked us through our system, providing some advice and tips we’d not been given in the past. We will be using Prospector going forward.
Mark HowdeshellMark Howdeshell
20:01 09 Sep 23
On time, on target. Explained everything well and ensured the area was thoroughly cleaned up afterwards. Thanks!!
Courtney GrambleyCourtney Grambley
15:30 09 Sep 23
Bobby came to my home to address my clogged kitchen sink. He explained what was going on, how he was going to fix it, and even gave me a little history of the homes in the area and what causes similar issue that I was having. Bobby also showed me how to personally fix a few smaller things around my house before he left. A true professional that I will use again!
Tyler PiersonTyler Pierson
16:56 08 Sep 23
Technician showed up on time, was very helpful and knowledgeable, and gave me realistic expectations of what my situation needed. I signed up for the membership and have another appointment scheduled for later in the month. Bobby was friendly and fun to talk to!
01:23 08 Sep 23
Nick Ely is truly a master mechanic. He was able to fix a cantankerous fuel line leak in a tight spot for our old house. When one thing didn’t work, he tried another and then another until he solved the problem. Nick always does this with a smile. He’s both talented and nice. Thanks for the excellence all around, Nick. You’re terrific!
Hope RumpcaHope Rumpca
18:29 07 Sep 23
Bobby was EXCELLENT! He showed me everything he was doing and explained everything as he went along. I was kept in the loop on everything! It’s an extensive job and he waited to give me the estimate until he knew what was involved.I greatly appreciate the service and I would highly recommend them!
james sjoblomjames sjoblom
20:43 06 Sep 23
Edit*****After leaving what I felt was a fair and honest review about my experience, I was contacted by their customer support team who was genuinely interested in hearing my side and seeing what they could do better as a company. He was very professional, and went above and beyond to make sure that my total experience with the company met my expectations.*****Their tech, Ryland, gave my system 2000 a tuneup. He was knowledgeable and professional and made sure he answered all my questions.I did have some snags with the company that were unexpected. I had selected Prospector Plumbing due to their high rating despite their comparatively high price. We set up an appointment for the 8-10:00 timeframe, and I drove home from work to start waiting at 8:00. After not hearing anything by 10:20, I called their receptionist, who said they would reach out to the driver. When they called back, they said they were at least another hour out, and I decided to reschedule the appointment. They were apologetic and offered a 5% discount on my service.On the morning of my second appointment, I got a text at 8:40 introducing my driver and saying he was on the way. He arrived at 9:00 and started on the boiler. He did a thorough job, and I had no problems with his work.When it came time to pay for the $600 annual plan (cheaper than the stand-alone tuneup cost), the tech said the 5% off wouldn’t apply. When they offered the discount, there was no mention that it wouldn’t apply to the annual plan. Since the annual plan is cheaper than a stand-alone tuneup, it is expected that people just get the annual plan, which is what the receptionist had recommended. This would have made a difference whether I just went with another company or gave them another chance with a second appointment.Ryland, if you’re reading this, I would totally hire you to come back and work on my boiler again, but my experience with the “company” side was less than I expected for the price point.
Bobbie PerkinsBobbie Perkins
01:37 06 Sep 23
Nick was great, he got all problems diagnosed and fixed, he was kind and genuinely seemed happy to do it!
Mary Ann FeyMary Ann Fey
17:53 05 Sep 23
Very friendly, professional and respectful. I will definitely use them again!
Verna ReedyVerna Reedy
00:26 04 Sep 23
Ryland installed two Toyo heaters in our house. He did a very professional job and we are more than satisfied with his work.
Christina WrightChristina Wright
23:57 02 Sep 23
I had a great experience with Prospector Plumbing. The person that came out was very nice and professional. They worked quickly and explained what they where doing and why in a way that I understood without making me feel like I am an idiot. The few times I contacted the office the people on the phone where very friendly and efficient. It is easy to make appointment that works around my schedule. I would recommend this business to anyone that needs any work done on their furnace.
Kiros CerberusKiros Cerberus
01:31 02 Sep 23
Ted CoronelTed Coronel
01:19 02 Sep 23
This young man was courteous and professional. I was very impressed with his knowledge of furnaces and the house well water system. He got us up and running in a short amount of time. Now our furnace is good to go for this winter and our water system is better than it ever was I highly recommend prospector.
David VerbylaDavid Verbyla
16:08 01 Sep 23
Good service in uncommon in Fairbanks.We have been happy with Prospector for work on our propane range, home boiler, and garage Toyo boiler. Morgan and Andrew did excellent work.We have lived in Fairbanks for over 30 years and Prospector Plumbing had refreshingly excellent service, excellent communication, and a good value fixing our shower leak. (Excellent service is rare in Fairbanks) Also used them for boiler tuneup ($380). Most recently our boiler shutdown due to recirculating pump failure. As promised, they were on site the next morning to fix the problem.We had another Fairbanks company quote much higher for our toyo boiler repairs.
Ryland did a very good and quick job with my plumbing needs. Thanx.
Dave EppleDave Epple
00:49 31 Aug 23
Great service very reliable and the Plumber Bobby was AWESOME, communicated what he was doing every step of the way and was very thorough with his work and the place was spotless when he left.
Gary WestcottGary Westcott
18:37 30 Aug 23
Gary TellepGary Tellep
06:33 30 Aug 23
I called late last week with a residential problem and was able to expect a visit at the start of the week. Very professional and capable Kevin Smothers arrived right on time and corrected the situation is short order. Very impressed with the service all around. I’m a 50 year Fairbanks resident, outfits like Prospector have always been hard to find. Great experience.
Bob EleyBob Eley
00:10 29 Aug 23
Plumber Kevin came to my home to work on the lift station pump and did an outstanding job! He explained everything thouroughly and gave estimates before the work any work was done. He got the job done in a timely manner! It was a costly repair, but one that needed to be done. Prospector was the only plumbing company in Fairbanks that responded in a timely fashion. All of the other companies wanted me to wait from four to three months to fix the problem and Prospector realized the urgency and got the job done in just a few hours. I highly recommend them.
gail lannetgail lannet
00:23 26 Aug 23
He was definitely on top of a 5 more like a 6. We are so happy with him.
Josh KellyJosh Kelly
15:48 25 Aug 23
Professional. Wanting to genuinely help. Far as I can tell, great service. Answered many questions.
Char LeChar Le
19:15 22 Aug 23
Very receptive to issues at hand.
Dave FritzDave Fritz
19:05 20 Aug 23
They were very professional, did a great job and were on time. Did an excellent job.
Kim DouglasKim Douglas
22:56 18 Aug 23
I am always impressed by their highest quality of work, efficiency, and especially responsiveness. Thank you, again!
colton clousecolton clouse
19:01 17 Aug 23
Came out to inspect failing heating system, diagnosed a very critical problem knowledgeably and pointed me in the right direction to getting it fixed. Very helpful and intuitive
Deane McNameeDeane McNamee
23:58 16 Aug 23
Found the issue got a quote before work began. And once everything was fixed there was no mess left behind.
A ScottA Scott
22:26 16 Aug 23
Jared was professional, kind, and quick. The pricing seemed quite expensive, though.
Kenny SheaferKenny Sheafer
22:43 13 Aug 23
Working with Prospector Plumbing has been one of the absolute best business transactions I’ve ever had in my life.When we moved up from the lower 48 we didn’t know a thing about boiler heating systems or heating oil. I read a lot about them on Google to gain some understanding but they’re totally foreign to our family. The boiler in our house we bought was older and had been “piece mailed” together a few times and we knew it was one of the first major things we would handle after getting settled. We did a lot of research on the natural gas vs oil topic and ultimately chose to convert the entire house to natural gas.We called a few companies out to get a feel for the companies, get quotes, ask questions, etc. It’s not that the other companies weren’t nice or knowledgeable but there is a very obvious difference in the level of care and passion that Nick and Prospector Plumbing bring to the table. Like a night and day difference. We had some locals tells us we should work with a different company because they would “be cheaper” but no matter how you do it, this was a HUGE project that wasn’t going to be “cheap”.Once we met Nick it was a done deal. We knew we were converting to natural gas and we knew we wanted to put every appliance we could on natural gas — we figured it made the most sense to get all the work done up front and hopefully reduce the electric bill some, minimize our carbon footprint, and in the long run save a ton on heating oil. Like I said, a huge project.Considering the cost of this project was like buying a new car or small truck I had about billion questions and Nick never lost his patience with us and was more than willing to educate us and answer ALL of the questions. Nick must have come to our house 5 or 6 times to rework quotes every time we had questions, other thoughts, and provided us about every possible way to complete the project, and even suggested several ways we could save money if we wanted to not do certain things. The transparency and honesty was refreshing.Nick Ely is an absolute fantastic human being and is worth his weight gold to Prospector and I hope they realize the value he brings to the company and what an asset he is.To summarize, the work in total took about 10 working days (which is what we had estimated), the quality and craftsmanship of the work is phenomenal and we are truly appreciative off all the hard work that was put in and will be a lifelong customer to Prospector because of the great service we had. I would 11/10 recommend anyone to use this company services!The only thing we regret was not taking the time to paint the garage while everything was removed ha!
gail lannetgail lannet
22:48 07 Aug 23
General ManagerGeneral Manager
18:01 05 Aug 23
Bobby does an awesome job for us whenever we need him.
clinton stewartclinton stewart
03:31 05 Aug 23
Ryland was on time, efficient and professional. He had everything he needed and went to work right away. Extremely courteous, answered questions about the system and took only a few moments to diagnose the issue. He went over an itemized bill, and performed work only after authorization was given. Excellent service can’t say enough great things about Ryland and prospectors as a business. In fact I’m on their annual service plan now.
Richard StolzbergRichard Stolzberg
01:45 05 Aug 23
Every aspect of my interaction with Prospector Plumbing was outstandingly good.Natalie on the phone was clear and helpful. She was able to schedule me within a day during a busy time.Morgan is the best boiler technician I’ve ever had in the 33 years in this house. He was able to troubleshoot the problem and fix it in a workmanlike fashion. He explain what he did clearly and patiently. He answered questions I had about other parts of the piping and hardware in the boiler room.This is the first time that I have employed Prospector, and I expect that they will be my primary outfit for boiler and plumbing problems in the future.
Savannah KrackSavannah Krack
00:48 05 Aug 23
Arlene SlocumArlene Slocum
01:13 04 Aug 23
Our water pump failed. It was so old that they no longer make parts to fix it. Prospector came out the same day and installed a new style pump that is quieter and low maintenance. Yes it was expensive, but we really needed to have the water back and reliable. You pay for what you get and we got great service!
20:35 06 Jul 23
We are new to the area and with our new house needed some help with a couple of issues and with understanding the system. Andrew came out and was on time, thorough, professional and the follow up we received from the office was considerate and caring.We will be using Prospector in the future when the need arises. Great to find a company that has quality performance and a follow through attitude. Refreshing!
Scott KumpostScott Kumpost
00:27 10 Jun 23
Nick Ely just installed a new boiler and water pump for me. The quality of the install is amazing. Every part of the of the new set up was laid out way better than what was in my little room before. He took the time to explain every option I had and answer all my questions. I can’t say enough good things about Nick.Everyone at the office is friendly and helpful as well, so Prospector is the only plumbing and heating service for me.
Barbara MooreBarbara Moore
05:32 15 Feb 23
I can not say enough about the service I have just received from Prospector Heating And Plumbing. Andrew and his helper were on time and very courteous and professional. I had my old pressure tank removed from my yukie crawlspace and a whole new setup in my garage. Which this was a major plumbing project. They were able to get my old system working long enough for me to get a shower which was awesome since my pressure tank went down on Friday. Their work was awesome. I don’t think even took a lunch break. They finished at about 515 pm. I now have more water pressure and my new pressure tank work perfect. This company get a five star rating for customer service from the receptionist to the plumbers. I don’t have to worry about going down in the dark hole ie crawlspace again. Plus they took my old pressure tank out and took it to the dump for me.


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